Kopuz AutomotIve

Kopuz Automotive, founded in 2008, is the company, which represents our corporation’s superior service concept in the field of fleet leasing and service transport. It has almost 1,000 autos and one of the biggest vehicle fleet in out country. Kopuz Automotive provides service in all around Turkey with its experienced staff for damage management, service, maintanence and repair service. It also serves for transportation of people and student.

Kopuz Insurance

The company Kopuz Insurance, founded in 1995, provides service in home insurance, traffic insurance, office insurance, fire insurance, transportation insurance and compulsory earthquake insurance etc. Our company is an agency of Anadolu Insurance and Axa Insurance and capable of giving competitive prices about your demand by searching for more than 10 Insurance company through its co-operation.


Pervane TourIsm

Pervane Tourism, founded in 2008, is the company of Kopuz Group that offers individual and corporate tourism services. Foreign/domestic flight tickets, hotel reservations, business travel organizations, cultural tours, auto check-in procedures, visa assistants are some of the services we provide. As Pervane Tourism we are always with you with our fast service and affordable prices.