Human Resources PolIcy

We believe that our employees are one the basic power of us that lead us to success and fulfill our targets. So we prioritise our employees as the first step and we always try to support them for their motivation, job satisfaction, happiness and to improve themselves with new applications and systems.

With our strategy of managing the human resources process effectively, we enhance the competence, participation and the satisfaction of our employees.


  • To develop a system about determining the quality of human resources that will enable our company to perform its activities efficiently, selection,recruitment.
  • Determine, perform and evaluate the training programs which aim to gain our employees knowledge, skill and attitude for being able to make them much more succesfull, enhance the satisfaction, follow the new developments and changing about their work.
  • Develop a performance management system that allows the staff to view and evaluate the results of their own work.
  • Create a career management system which ensures that employee’s development inside of the company, prepares responsibilities of position, makes them willing to take responsibility and provides effective evaluation of our employees.
  • Collect information about working conditions, necessity of human resources and content of the work of company, make analysis to evaluate those informations and prepare job descriptions due to new conditions.
  • Get opinions from employees from questionnaries and direct the applications through
  • Occupational Health and Safety; We try to provide occupational health and safety, respect human and environment, develop systems to prevent occupational-work accidents, increase cooperation with neighboring companies and the competent and local authority to improve health safety environment performance, take occupational health and safety and environment to forefront in our projects, organise to be able to intervened in emergency and be limpid to our shareholders about our applications.


  • Customer centricity
  • Effective communication ability
  • Achievement of the result
  • Pressure and stress management
  • Teamwork
  • Ability of prioritisation
  • Motivation and will to succeed
  • Innovativeness

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