Our group which has grown for over 40 years and make effort to increase the value added for society, has put its corporate strategy in its center that prioritizes to service to people by investments in industry, trade, energy and service sector and social responsibility projects.

The basis of our success is based on the value we place on human. We believe that we will contribute to build a prosperous society with the value we give to individuals. As the homeland rises above the shoulders of hardworking people, we, as group, consider to work and to be successful as our basic life philosophy. Thus, societies can go as far as hardworking and productive people can, we want to make our basic point to be in effort to take our country forward.

Our group will increase the contribution of our country by diversifying its investments in the sectors that included in the 2023 vision of our government. We must make our unity and solidarity permanent by ensuring the sustainability of our achievements through a holistic, long-term, strategic perspective to take part in a group of rulers in world order.

We have to carry our achievements even further with the contributions of our employees, who are the most precious treasure we feed with knowledge and experience. No matter what level and what we are doing, we must improve ourselves towards a better and higher quality production, a people-oriented communication, a scientific point of view. Only in this way we can bring ourselves, our company and our country better levels. We should not forget that the development of societies depends on the development of individuals and institutions. I believe wholeheartedly that we will improve the vision of our country which develops itself rapidly.

I would like to thank all the Kopuz family, who contributes our achievements, gets service and serves for our corporation over the years.


Chairman of Kopuz Group Corporation

We grow even bigger each year with our investments.